Shellac Manicure-  
The best alternative to artifical nails.  A natural nail manicure with polish lasting up to 14 days with no damage, adding strength and almost NO WEAR!  REALLY!  Includes expert cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, hand massage and Shellac polish.      from $33
Signature Manicure  
Our most popular manicure featuring our salon scent of the month! Includes cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, luxurious hand massage and your choice of polish*     from  $22   
Petite Manicure  
A petite and dry version of the signature manicure.  Includes nail grooming plus polish.*     from  $15
Almond Spamanicure  
A journey cradled in sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E. Breathe in. Exhale. Relax. This luxurious manicure leaves your hands and nails deeply conditioned and moisturized.  Includes moisturing milk bath soak, shaping, cuticle grooming, conditioning and exfoliating, illuminating mask, hand and arm massage and your choice of polish.*
    from  $28
A manicure with a man in mind.  Includes expert cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, relaxing hand and arm massage and buffing.     from  $19

Manicure Enhancements


French Polish $8

Nail Art

from $2 per nail
Paraffin Treatment $10
Deeply moisturize and relax your hands and nails with a paraffin treatment. Warm paraffin, containing natural emolliants, will be applied to your hands then followed up with a warm towel wrap. The healing benefits will be allowed to soak into your skin giving you luxurious moisturized results that continue to boost moisture levels even after your treatment.   
Reflexology treats the entire body through applying pressure to reflexes in the feet or hands. It is a focused pressure technique that most people find deeply relaxing and therapeutic.  
Please see our Pedicure page for foot reflexology options  
Hand Soak and Reflexology- 25 minutes COMING SOON $30
This treatment begins with a hand soak in a detoxifying himalayan salt bath which can release toxins and negative energy while allowing the skin to absorb the beneficial minerals of the salt. During the rest of your treatment time you will receive 20 minutes of reflexology alternating on your hands while continuing to enjoy the benefits of the salt bath soak.  

Reflexology Enhancements

Designed to be added on to another service while in the salon  
Reflexology Enhancement- 15 minutes $15
Complete your manicure experience with 15 minutes of reflexology. Can be added on to any manicure.  
Reflexology and Paraffin Hand Treatment- 20 minutes $20
Elevate your manicure and relaxation with this perfect combo! 10 minutes of hand reflexology followed by a therapeutic paraffin treatment. Can be added to any manicure or hair processing time.   
Reflexology and Aromatherapy Hand Treatment- 15 minutes $20
Combine the therapautic benefits of reflexology with the benefits of essential oils. Your treament includes 15 minutes of hand reflexology utilizing your choice of essential oil. Choose from relaxing, detoxifying or stimulating oils. Can be added to any manicure or hair processing time.   
*Shellac polish, french polish and nail art enhancements have additional charges.
** We are not doctors and do not make any medical claims if you receive a reflexology treatment. Sigining a release form is required to receive reflexology.